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Michael Ross Skillern
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GA, United States of America
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Band Director
Specialisation: Instrument Technique, Music Theory, Instrument Skills, Rhythm, Improvisation
Specialisation: Instrumentalist, Drumkit, Latin Percussion, African Percussion, World Drums, Drum Circle, Improvisation, Rhythm, World Beats
General Music
Specialisation: Skills, Games, Storytelling, Music appreciation, Learning Instruments, Instrument Classifications, World Music
Artist Statement
I am here to provide dynamic, flexible, and innovative music (percussion + band instruments) experiences at your school! Don't let any prices stop you! Reach out to me! Percussion is usually the least known about of the instrument families, among educators. My goal is to bridge that gap and provide flexible, high quality percussion events moving flexibly from Clinic to Recital to Masterclass depending on your needs! Likewise, as a band director, I have expert knowledge in all areas band: woodwind instruments, brass instruments, running sectionals, etc. I can facilitate flexible 1-1.5 hour, or half/whole day sessions (depending on your needs) that can include any combination of: 1. World Rhythms + Improv! 2. Rhythmic Sensitivity 3. Contemporary Solo Percussion Recitals 4. Classical Percussion Masterclass 5. Beat Boxing 6. Music Technology 7. Full band rehearsals/listening + feedback 8. Brass/Woodwind sectionals 9. Brass/Woodwind individual lessons 10. University Music School Admissions 11. Solo and Ensemble coaching 12. Convention style percussion education presentations for educators 13. Beginning wind players 14. Instrument petting zoo Give your percussionists, or band musicians some TLC! Are your students doing everything correctly? Do your rehearsals focus more on the winds? Do your percussionists get special attention? Over the past 10 years I've worked as a Teaching Artist with Vic Firth, an international percussion soloist, orchestral percussionist and timpanist, chamber musician, clinician, arranger and adjudicator. I have performed countless clinics, masterclasses, convention style presentations and recitals to 1000s of students and educators.
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Michael Ross Skillern
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    5.0 • 7 Review(s)
    Michael Ross Skillern
    Michael Ross Skillern
    GA, United States of America
    Christine Matovich
    Christine Matovich
    International School of Stuttgart
    Best Artist EVER!
    Christopher Kraft
    Christopher Kraft
    International School of Stuttgart, Sindelfingen Campus
    A real nice overview of the basics. Having never played with four mallets, I always wondered how it was done!
    CommonTime Team
    CommonTime Team
    Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
    Michael is smooth and confident in front of the camera. He moves easily from one topic to the next, all while using visual aids and demonstrations to illustrate his points. I learned so much about 4-mallet technique in just one hour!
    Christine Matovich
    Christine Matovich
    International School of Stuttgart
    I've never participated in a mallet workshop. For me as a general music teacher, we rarely spend enough time on mallet technique. This was a great process based professional development for me. And his performance was sublime!
    B Poon
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    A Great demonstration on 4 mallets!
    Christine Matovich
    Christine Matovich
    International School of Stuttgart
    What a great idea and workshop for helping the ones who need to move and fidget make great rhythms!