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Give the Gift of the Arts
Interactive online arts classes for learners of all ages, taught by international teaching artists.
100+ engaging Art Lessons & Events with international teaching artists from around the world
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Fill out the information below to create your gift card. Upon completing checkout, we will send your gift card to the email you entered and send you a receipt.
How it works
CommonTime gift cards are granted in the form of CommonTime Credits (1 Credit = 1 USD)
The recipient will get an email with credits already added to their account.
Gifted credits can be used to pay for all products & services, including Lessons, Events, & Memberships.
Have a great authentic arts experience, all on CommonTime
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I send a gift card to someone who doesn't have a CommonTime account?

Yes! A CommonTime gift card can be sent to any existing email address, whether or not it is associated with a CommonTime account. However, your recipient must create a free CommonTime account using the email address that received the gift card in order to claim it.

I received a CommonTime gift card but I don't have a CommonTime account. Can I use my gift card?

To use your CommonTime gift card, you must first create a CommonTime account using the same email address that received the gift card. To create a free CommonTime account, click here. Once you complete your registration, your gift card will automatically be applied to your CommonTime account in the form of CommonTime Credits. (I CommonTime Credit = 1 USD) CommonTime Credits can be used to purchase all goods and services on CommonTime, including Lessons, Events, and Memberships.

Can I send a gift card if I don't have a CommonTime account?

Yes! If you are not logged in to a CommonTime account when you click the "Add to Cart" button, you will proceed to checkout as a Guest.

My recipient didn't receive their gift card email!

When you send a CommonTime gift card, your recipient will get an email with the subject line "’Sender Name’ has sent you a CommonTime gift card!" If this email doesn't appear, it may be in your recipient's spam or junk folder. If they are still unable to find the gift card email, please contact us at

I received a gift card to an email address that is different from my existing CommonTime account. Can I transfer my gift card?

Yes. To transfer your gift card credits to a different CommonTime account, contact us at Please include your name, the email address that received the gift card, and the email address of the CommonTime account to which you would like to transfer the gift card credits.