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Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
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Instrument Technique, Music Theory, Instrument Skills, Rhythm, Improvisation
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World Drumming + Improvisation
Michael Ross Skillern - World Drumming + Improvisation
In this class students will learn hand drumming technique. They will then use this technique to travel to Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, and West Africa. No plan tickets needed, just rhythms! Students get introduced to the rhythms through call/response, written notation, and digital drum sounds that are used to allow the students to mimic. Students will then use the elements of tempo, dynamics and articulation to improvise on these rhythms. To close students will use these rhythms and improv methods to create a performance of the game piece Cobra by John Zorn. The game is an improvisation game played with cards that give the students instructions on when and how to improvise.
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60 minutes x 1 Lesson - Classroom Lesson (5-20 learners)
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