Christine Matovich
The Director, Artist, Educator
Can sing really high notes, and play really low notes
Passion for fencing and food and wine pairing
Maker of the possible. See a need, help it. Have a question, answer it (or find someone who has the legitimate knowledge to do so). Find an obstacle, overcome it. Able to leap tall hurdles with a single statement and a plan to do it. We need the arts. CommonTime may not save the day but it sure can empower Educators, Artists, Arts Organizations and their learners by providing the tools to do so.
Amanat Dugal
Branding, Marketing & Design Lead
The Creator, The Learner, The Color
Khaleesi of Pinterest moodboards
Ask me about my british accent....mate!
Always a WIP, currently still creating and designing…..will get back to you with the next great concept!
Jaskaran Rana
Development & Technology Lead
The Magic, The Coder Of Languages, The Sound
Can be usually found by the front left speaker at a gig
Would like to live on a remote island someday
Having my passions split between technology and music, I find myself juggling my time between the two. Considering I'm always on the lookout for interesting projects that can combine both my passions, it was an easy decision to work with CommonTime. With CommonTime I hope to empower artists to help them provide a platform to connect with like minded educators and arts organizations.
Jacqui McKenna
Content, Flow & SEO
The Mover, The Guider, Analyzer, Arts Administrator, Artist
Would love to borrow someones Dark Room
Dangerously sarcastic but equally compassionate
As a Jac (qui) of all trades, I strive to use both my creative side and my analytical side to produce the most well rounded work possible. Working with people as a team, even if it’s virtual, cultivates the most innovative ideas and creates a passionate and creative environment. I believe in CT because the Arts save people when people cannot save people.
Jordan Bardzik
Editing & Document Organization
The Wordsmith, The Scribe
Doodling in the margins
Needs more castles
From artist to art historian to editor and back. Whether I am fine-tuning someone else's ideas or illustrating my own, the arts are always at the core of what I do. CommonTime is the place where artists belong.
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