An online arts learning platform that supports access to arts education for all. Learners book art lessons and events in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Teaching artists and arts organizations host live interactive video lessons and get paid for their expertise. Learn, enjoy, or teach the arts from anywhere in the world on CommonTime.
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I want to
Arts Education for all
Step 2:
Search for an art form that you, your children, or your students want to learn or experience.
Step 3:
Schedule and book a lesson with a vetted teaching artist or arts organization.
Step 4:
Have a great, authentic arts experience.
Generate employment
Artists struggle to find consistent work. Many are unemployed or underpaid.
Support arts educators
Educators lack the means to bring Artists into their classrooms.
Authentic arts learning
Learners don’t have access to quality teaching artists and authentic arts learning experiences.
Equal access to the arts
CommonTime is an equitable solution for the arts and arts education.
Contributing to the creative economy
CommonTime promotes engagement and appreciation of the arts, and highlights the economic and cultural value of artists and arts education.
Reach a global audience
Arts Organizations’ virtual outreach programs are spread across thousands of websites. They are limited to local and national audiences.
Focused on the arts
CommonTime is purpose-built for the arts and arts education
Your opinion counts
Mutual reviews between artists and learners support quality and trust on CommonTime.
Quality control
CommonTime vets all artists and arts organizations to ensure quality arts experiences in a safe environment.
No third parties
We deliver our products and services through stable, in-house video, audio, and chat capabilities, custom-made for the arts.
Borderless, equitable, sustainable
We are not limited by borders, languages, or art forms. By its nature, CommonTime practices Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Justice, Sustainable Tourism, Access to Education, and Reducing the Carbon Footprint.
Live and interactive
CommonTime is a one-stop shop for on-demand, custom, interactive, private and group arts lessons, as well as live performances, workshops, and events.
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