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The Chrome Recorder!
Michael Ross Skillern - The Chrome Recorder!
Overview: In this course I will take the students (and the teacher) and teach some recorder basics, get more rhythmically sound, introduce them to improvisation through an activity, compose some simple melodies using chrome music lab, and learn some songs. Why this lesson: This lesson would be a great provocation for beginning recorder students, students new to improvisation, and students new to composition. This lesson would also be. great for intermediate recorder players in need of a fresh way to get better. Outcomes: 1. Students will be able to sit properly, hold, and play the recorder. 2. Students will be able to improvise simple melodies using the question answer and trading 4s/8s form. 3. Students will be able to use Chrome Music Lab to compose and perform simple melodies. 4. Students will be able to play and identify different rhythms.
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60 minutes x 1 Lesson - Classroom Lesson (5-20 learners)
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