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What is CommonTime?
An online arts learning platform that supports access to arts education for all. Learners book art lessons and events in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Teaching artists and arts organizations host live interactive video lessons and get paid for their expertise. Learn, enjoy, or teach the arts from anywhere in the world on CommonTime.
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Engaging Learners with the Arts by bringing together Artists, Educators, Individuals, and Arts Organizations. A world in sync where different cultures create real connections in a virtual space.
How CommonTime works
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What our clients say
Radhika Shrivastava
Faculty, Fortune Institute of International Business, India
"[CommonTime’s] artists left our students spellbound with their high levels of preparation and engagement. They seamlessly connected our lesson plans and intended outcomes with their instruction. Especially noteworthy was the flexibility that was extended to accommodate our schedules and time zone. CommonTime's web interface allows for easy finding of artists, convenient scheduling and conducting sessions, and streamlined payment gateways."
Founder of Funnylicious Improv Theater, CommonTime Artist, Slovakia
"I joined CommonTime to share my art, teach globally, and connect with fellow artists. CommonTime has allowed me to teach and interact with students from all over the world. CommonTime is a unique platform that fills an important gap in the arts education landscape, and that's why I love being part of this movement."
Dr. Jacquelyn Tuerk Stonberg
Faculty, Kean University, USA
"CommonTime is a long-awaited and much-needed resource for educators. Especially as we move more and more into the virtual classroom, CommonTime easily connects educators to students, and students to educators around the world in ways not available until now. For my own university students, this service supports their educational growth by making accessible lessons in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an educator, I look forward to connecting with communities with diverse backgrounds and points of view."
Orchestra Conductor, Vienna Boys Choir, CommonTime Artist, Austria
"Our artistic minds are what drive us in our creations, perfections, passions, curiosities, and beauties. Our everyday thoughts of a better life require the same artistic mind that we use to perform on stage. It is essential that we keep the arts alive and continue to teach the next generation to access their artistic minds. CommonTime is fulfilling this mission and I am grateful to be a part of it! In these times of turmoil, humanity is at risk not because of physical distinction, but rather because of a degradation in artistic thinking within the soul. This platform unites us, as artists and educators, in order to build a strong foundation for our children."
Patrick Kabanda
Author, "The Creative Wealth of Nations: Can the Arts Advance Development?", Uganda
"When I think about CommonTime, I think about common sense. We all know that common sense should be common. Or is it? I’m glad to see that someone has had the sense of starting the CommonTime platform to connect artists and expand arts education pedagogy in our increasingly interconnected world."
How to build a Lesson with a CommonTime Artist
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pay to register?

Registration is free for all users.

How do I book a lesson?

Type in a profession, specialization, or artist name on the homepage or the artists page to search for an artist. When you have found an artist who fits your curriculum or your interests, click on their name to view their artist profile. Click on the Book a Session tab to see the artist’s Lesson Offerings or Create a Customized Lesson. Choose your date and time slots, then add the lesson to your cart or proceed to checkout.

Check out our blog, How to Build a Lesson with an Artist on CommonTime, for a visual guide.

How do I register?

Registering with CommonTime is free and easy. Click the Sign Up button at the top of the page, and choose the account type you would like to sign up as. Please fill in all fields carefully. If you don’t want to register all at once, you can return to the registration process anytime. The registration autosaves after each full page has been completed.

For more information, please see the tutorial video above.

Which account type should I choose at Sign Up?

That depends on what you want to do on CommonTime. All account types can book lessons and events with Artists and Arts Organizations (Artists can book other Artists, for example). If you only want to book lessons and events, sign up as a Learner. If you want to teach your craft to learners, sign up as an Artist to offer lessons and create events. If you are representing an arts-related organization, such as an Orchestra, Museum, or Theater, then you can sign up as an Arts Organization to host your organization’s outreach programming.