the mission
Millions of schools around the world have no access to the arts - your donation changes that. All children deserve to have authentic arts experiences.
our partners
The Global Schools Forum provides millions of children in the southern hemisphere with access to education through their 55,000+ participating schools. Their goal is for all children in low- and middle- income countries to be able to realize their potential through equitable and safe access to quality education. Your support helps to give Global Schools Forum students access to free, quality arts education on CommonTime. Click here to learn more about the Global Schools Forum.
The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation began in 2015, following the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war. They exist not only to feed, shelter, and house Ukrainian children and families, but also to provide mental and social health services. They offer free therapy sessions and social events for children to make sure that young people are not left with the trauma of war. Your support helps to provide children in Voices of Children shelters access to free, quality arts education on CommonTime. Click here to learn more about Voices of Children.
how can i contribute?
Book a
Book a lesson with a participating artist
When you book a lesson with a participating CommonTime Artist, they will donate a lesson of equal or lesser value to Global Schools Forum or Voices of Children.
Step 1:
Log into your CommonTime account, or create a free account by signing up.
Step 2:
Find a participating artist on the Artist Search page by looking for the red gift icon (see image below), or click here for a full list of participating artists.
Step 3:
Book a lesson and have a great arts experience!

Upon the conclusion of your lesson, CommonTime will contact your artist and arrange a free lesson for Global Schools Forum or Voices of Children students.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work if I choose to make my donation to both organizations?

When you select "Both" while making a donation, your donated amount is split equally between Global Schools Forum and Voices of Children. For example, if you donate $25 to Both, then Global Schools Forum and Voices of Children will each receive 12.5 CommonTime Credits (12.50 USD value).

How can I become an Art of Giving participant?

If you would like to participate in the Art of Giving as an Artist or Arts Organization and donate your time to children in need, please contact us at