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Ukulele Fun!
Michael Ross Skillern - Ukulele Fun!
Overview: In this engaging primary focused Ukulele class, students will reinforce basics, and learn new things. Students will learn to hold the ukulele, play melodies, learn some chords, learn some new songs and improvise! Then, we will use an Ai tool to write a song using the chords we learned. Outcomes: 1. Students will be able to improvise using 1 and/or 2 strings 2. Students will learn up to 5 chords 3. Students will be able to strum and sing 4. Students will be able to play simple melodies 5. Students will be able to use a new digital tool to write songs Who this class is for: 1. This class is for primary general music teachers looking for a fun way to start off their ukulele units, or go deeper in the middle of a unit 2. This class is for students just starting the ukulele, or students who have been playing for a while
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60 minutes x 1 Lesson - Classroom Lesson (5-20 learners)
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