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Brandenburg, Germany
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Black and white, Digital, Photoshop, Studio Lighting, Editing, Portraiture, Fashion Photography, Editorial Photography, Composition Skills
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Specialisation: Black and white, Digital, Photoshop, Studio Lighting, Editing, Portraiture, Fashion Photography, Editorial Photography, Composition Skills
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It is often said about a photograph - you do not take a photo, you make a photo! The process starts with an idea in the mind, which is then executed with the help of the tools of the medium: a camera, choice of a suitable lens, lighting, composition, etc. With training and experience this process becomes intuitive. Welcome to my Common Time page. Through my classes I endeavor to share some of these tools and techniques with you, that will help you improve your skills as a photographer and realize your creative ideas with greater control and confidence. An independent commercial and editorial photographer, I have been a photographer for over sixteen years. Widely published across national and international publications, my Portfolio includes Advertising, Lifestyle, Celebrity, Architecture & Interiors, Portrait, Product and Travel Photography. Besides a stint at Time Out Delhi magazine as Senior Photographer and as chief photographer with Binge, an online food journal, I have worked independently for various Indian and international clients over the years. These include Coca cola, Honda, Uber, Nokia phones, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, William Grant and Sons, Sony, Fortis healthcare, Oriflame, etc. Further, my work has been featured in publications like People Magazine, Fortune Magazine, PBS online, The Ideal Home and Garden, Oryx magazine (Qatar airways), The Caravan, Mercedes Benz India Magazine, Audi India Magazine, The Indian Express, Huffington post and Sunday Standard.
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Sushant Sinha - SNS Secondary - Phone Photography with Sushant
60 minutes x 16 Lessons
6 Jan, 2023 - 21 Apr, 2023
Learn the basics of photography and how to use your phone camera to take professional like photos. At the end of the course you should …
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