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Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia
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Theatre practitioners
Specialisation: Youth Theatre, Artistic Director, Skills Games, Skill development, Theatre practitioners, Acting skills, Comedy, Performance Art
Artistic Director
World Theatre
Specialisation: Characterization
Youth Theatre
Specialisation: Skills Games
Specialisation: Storytelling, Improvisation, Theatre practitioners
Artist Statement
Hon Chong is the artistic director and founder of Funnylicious Improv Theater in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is the only English improv theatre in Slovakia and boasts a small but growing international improv community that consists of locals, visitors and foreigners. Besides improv, Hon is also the creator of Story Nights, an international storytelling community with local chapters in 7 different countries. Originally from Malaysia, he left the country when he was a teenager. Hon has always been fascinated by different cultures, customs and ways of lives. He is an introvert so you won’t find him being the life of any party.
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Workshop: Dealing with fears and uncertainties using improv theater techniques (and having tons of fun doing it!) In improv theater, the chance of failing or …
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Hon Chong - Katrin's Class - ISS
60 minutes x 1 Lesson
Improv fun with Hon from Funnylicious
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Hon Chong
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    Stories are the heart of this performance, and honesty is the soul. We randomly select a few suggestions from you, the audience. After that, our …
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    5.0 • 4 Review(s)
    Katrin Newell
    Katrin Newell
    Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
    Hon's activities for my students were quite varied and fun for the students to complete. I will definitely book Hon again!
    Christine Matovich
    Christine Matovich
    Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
    He really knows his craft and worked patiently with the students! They were engaged and asked questions relevant to their learning journey.
    Jacqui McKenna
    OH, United States of America
    This was my first Improv class ever! Our group was a little nervous as improv rookies, but Hon made us feel very comfortable with learning the first rules and steps of Improv. We shared many laughs throughout the exercises while still learning a lot of information. 10/10 would recommend as a team building experience or if you just want to know more about improv!
    CommonTime Team
    Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
    We had a great introductory improv session with Hon! I was nervous at first about trying improv, but he helped us feel very comfortable and encouraged us to have fun!