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Jimmy Chiang
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A-1220, Austria
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languageMandarin (Chinese)
Profession and Specializations
Specialisation: Piano
Choral Director
Specialisation: Vocal Technique, Voicing, Conducting, Repertoire Selection, Working with ensembles, Children's Choir, Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Music Interpretation, Performance Skills, Symphony Choir, Opera Chorus
Orchestra Director
Specialisation: Youth Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Opera Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Conducting, Rehearsal Techniques, Musicianship Skills, Repertoire Selection, Technical Skills, Acoustics
Artist Statement
"humans cannot live without art and being artistic". An artistic mind is what drives us for creations, perfections, passions, curiosities, and beauties. Our daily thoughts for a better life require the same artistic quality we use for a better artistic performance on stage. Therefore it is essential to keep arts alive and continue to educate our next generation to access their artistic minds for a better future.
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Jimmy Chiang
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    5.0 • 2 Review(s)
    Christine Matovich
    Christine Matovich
    International School of Stuttgart
    What a lovely and talented person! Bravo!
    Christine Matovich
    Christine Matovich
    International School of Stuttgart
    Excellent as always! Thank you for bringing together so much talent!