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Wisdom Wednesdays: CommonTime and SEN Students
Feb 08, 2023 | Michael Skillern

Greetings, Arts Educators,

CommonTime is a great resource for supporting SEN students in your arts classes. In this Wisdom Wednesday blog post, we will cover some of the ways that CommonTime can be there for you and your students. Watch the full webinar below, or read on:



CommonTime artists can provide expert support to individuals, small groups, or entire classes at different parts of your learning process as you scaffold your way to the end of a unit. Guest artists can come in during the beginning provocation phase to provide opportunities for inquiry in small or large groups. Guest Artists can also come in mid-unit to work with high achieving individual students or groups, as well as support groups of students who are working to find equal footing in class.



The differentiation opportunities offered by CommonTime Guest Artists are also great for supporting kids with different types of attention disorders. Whether providing these students with 1-on-1 support with our guest artists, or using the artist’s experience to switch up the norms in your classrooms, these students are sure to find new ways to stay engaged.



Students that struggle with communication and interaction can greatly benefit from working in small or large groups with one of our world-class guest artists. The reduced pressure of the interaction coupled with the digital nature can make it easier for students to receive a true cultural arts experience.


Gifted and Talented Students

Working with a CommonTime Artist can really enhance the experience of the Gifted and Talented students. Imagine your high-achieving music students spending an hour with Jimmy Chiang from the Vienna Boys’ Choir; your visual art students learning from a professional art curator in Delhi; or your drama students taking an hour to improvise with a world-class thespian in Europe.



Imagine having a CommonTime guest artist come in as an incentive to help students who struggle with their behavior. Instead of the old and tired pizza party or movie day, use the CommonTime guest artist experience to solicit positive behavior in your students. Excite them!


Flexible Grouping

In addition to providing world-class arts instruction, a CommonTime Artist allows the educator different opportunities for grouping. While select students are working with the artist, the educator is free to facilitate student needs in other ways.


Whether the CommonTime guest artist comes in pre-unit, mid-unit, or during assessment; whether the guest artist is working in small groups, large groups, or with individuals; whether the guest artist is completing a specific goal and supporting students who need help by delivering a digestible cultural arts experience or providing opportunities for enrichment for gifted and talented students; CommonTime is the key to finding new ways to differentiate the arts experiences in your classrooms!