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Prayer for Ukraine Virtual Choir Video Rehearsal: High School Students and Adults
World Children's Choir - Prayer for Ukraine Virtual Choir Video Rehearsal: High School Students and Adults
time 10 Mar, 2022 - 24 Sep, 2022
Please contact us 1) if you would like to schedule this on another day/time, and/or, 2) If you represent a school/organization working with students from families that are financially disadvantaged, about sliding scale pricing. Molytva za Ukrayinu - Prayer for Ukraine World Children’s Choir invites children, teens, and adults from all nations to sing in our new virtual video, “Prayer for Ukraine.” “Molytva za Ukrayinu” is a patriotic Ukrainian hymn published in 1885 with a children’s choir in mind. The text was written by Oleksandr Konysky, and the music was composed by Mykola Lysenko. It has become the spiritual anthem of Ukraine. The video will be included in an online benefit concert for the Voices of Ukraine Foundation on November 13, 2022. Recordings must be made on or before October 1, 2022. Introduction Video: We have two versions of the song, one for children and teens, and one for adults. This rehearsal is for high school students whose voices have changed and adults. The children/teen version needs high school girls as well, those registering for this rehearsal will receive free admission to the children and teen rehearsal. The proceeds of rehearsals on CommonTime and concert tickets received by World Children’s Choir (less any credit card, bank fees) will be donated to Voices of Children Foundation which has been helping children affected by the war since 2015. Each rehearsal includes breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, and learning the melody or alto, tenor, bass part. Time will also be spent learning how to pronounce the Ukrainian words for “Molytva za Ukrayinu.” There is no charge for the music, or making the recording. Download a pdf of the music, song lyrics (transliterated), mp3 file, and a video to help learn how to pronounce the Ukrainian words here. Additional files will be added soon to help learn the parts of the song. *********************************************************************** Learn your part for SATB here: Soprano: Alto: Tenor Bass *********************************************************************** Record Videos for SATB version here: Soprano: Alto: Tenor 1: Tenor 2: Bass 1: Bass 2: Those who learn the song will be invited to add their voices to a virtual choir video made on another website that will be broadcast at a later date. A link to the recording website will be posted soon. A Google form recording permission document for adult participants, and/or parents (or legal guardian) for students under the legal age, to complete and sign:
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