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Virginia, United States of America
Sondra Harnes • Founder/Artistic Director
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Organization Statement
Established in 1990, the World Children's Choir serves as a voice for children worldwide - giving voice to the interests of all children, celebrating cultural diversity through music, promoting positive international relations, and asking people to work together to create a peaceful, healthy world for children. Our artistic goals are to train our members to sing with beauty, artistry and joy using the Italian Bel Canto style of singing that develops solo quality voices. The children learn how music and art express emotion, create shared experiences, bridge differences, tell stories, produce beauty, and enrich others. WCC has been appointed to the Artists Roster of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC USA. We feel honored to have performed for former U.S.A. Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, William H. Clinton, and George H. W. Bush; Justices of the United States Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice; Mikhail Gorbachev; Queen Noor of Jordan; Queen Sofia of Spain; and Kofi Annan. Performances at high profile events include such venues as the White House, the Kennedy Center, on Capitol Hill, US Department of State, US Department of Justice; Organization of American States, Pan American Health Organization, the World Bank, at the United Nations; and for various national and international television and radio broadcasts. Our New Initiative: Global Family Virtual Choir ~ a multi-generational choir for everyone, everywhere! All voices, ages, and abilities are welcome. Join us in singing our first piece: "Love Sings a New Song for the World," written by James Selway, WCC Associate Director. The choral arrangement includes vocal parts for child treble, soprano, alto, tenor and bass.​ Rehearsals and workshops will be held on the CommonTime platform that prepare participants to learn their parts, and how to add their voices to our virtual video. Choirs around the world whose members participate in our project will be invited to submit a video of one of their songs to be considered for inclusion in the Love Sings a New Song for the World Concert that will be streamed via YouTube to the CommonTime platform. Other offerings: Teacher Training Workshops Ensemble Coaching Private and Group Lessons Please join us in pursuing our mission. We believe that we all can contribute to building a world of peaceful respect, friendship, cooperation, and prosperity among nations. We believe that working together to produce beautiful music and other kinds of art enables the children to create friendships based on mutual understanding and respect. By bringing children from many cultures and nations together in song today, we can sow the seeds of a more peaceful world tomorrow.
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CommonTime Team
CommonTime Team
Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
Sondra is a great teacher! I am not a singer by any means, but she made me feel very welcome and comfortable to learn.
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World Children's Choir - Heart Songs ~ Love Songs from the World for the children of Ukraine Benefit Concert
All concert proceeds received by World Children's Choir are donated to the Voices of Children Foundation in Ukraine. Download the concert program here: …
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