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Wisdom Wednesdays: Educator Summit Preview
Apr 19, 2022 | The CommonTime Team

Greetings, CommonTime Community!

This week’s return to Wisdom Wednesdays is for Educators. The virtual revolution, as we at CommonTime call it, has provided unparalleled opportunities to democratize access to education.

Virtual professional development resources, especially those hosted by and on CommonTime, give Educators the chance to build their skill by connecting to global cultures, accessing educational practices from around the world, and expanding their horizons on the international scene. The virtual revolution has unlocked the full potential of the internet as a connective force. CommonTime will help to lead this revolution.

This brings us to the topic of discussion: the April 30th CommonTime Educator Summit! We will be hosting Dr. AnnRené Joseph, CEO of More Arts! LLC; Christine Matovich, CEO/Founder of CommonTime and International Educator; Michael Skillern, Education + Outreach Coordinator at Commontime and International Educator; Patrick Kabanda, Author (The Creative Wealth of Nations, Can the Arts Advance Development?) and Cultural Economist; and Hon Chong, Actor and Theatre Educator.

Update 4/25/22: Sarah Kupke has joined the Educator Summit with her event, Creating a Sense of Belonging Through the Arts!

Watch the full webinar below!


Arts Advocacy - Visionary Leadership and Advocacy in Action from around the World! by Dr. AnnRené Joseph

Dr. AnnRené will be discussing examples of and strategies for advocating for the Arts at the local, state/provincial, and national levels. This session is for Educators around the world where the Arts are underfunded, undervalued, or underappreciated in their communities. She has spent decades not only teaching in the Arts, but also advocating for Arts Education at the highest levels.


Embrace All Languages and Cultures in your Performing Arts by Christine Matovich

Christine will be speaking about the value of appreciating cultural and linguistic diversity in the classroom. Students’ individual cultures are more than talking points; they can be amazing points of learning that involve different students and differentiated learning. In addition to culture, the appreciation and use of different languages in the Arts classroom can help students build significant meaning in their learning. This is especially true in international schools.


Arts Education in an Age of Misinformation and Disinformation by Patrick Kabanda

Patrick will be talking about combating misinformation and disinformation through the lens of Arts learning. Helping our students think critically is one of the most important things we can do. Learning the Arts can help combat the widespread problem of ‘lost focus,’ and give everyone a basis through which to approach the world and information. Wow, how timely is this talk?


*NEW*    Creating a Sense of Belonging Through the Arts by Sarah Kupke    *NEW*

Sarah will be discussing how the visual and performing arts are the learning space within which we can explore and make meaning of our world in practical, theoretical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual ways. They have the potential to touch aspects of our personal identity, cultural identity and our perceptions and relationships with others. Join this interactive workshop to explore how the Arts can be the common language of compassion to nurture belonging.


Teaching Theater Through Improv by Hon Chong

Hon will be leading the audience through improvisation exercises, and will discuss reasons to include improvisation in in your theater teaching and strategies for making you and your students better theater improvisers. Improvisation is one of the most intuitive ways to get your theatre students creating in class.


Differentiation in the Arts Classroom by Michael Skillern

Michael will be discussing one of his favorite topics: differentiation in the Arts classroom. In certain Arts settings, many teachers see differentiation as something as difficult. This is especially true in the performing arts when there are deadlines and performances. Differentiation is a hot button topic in the education world. Michael will discuss what differentiation is/is not, the 8 ways to differentiate learning, ways to insert inquiry into learning and much more!


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