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CommonTime Educator Summit 2022
Apr 07, 2022 | The CommonTime Team

Update 4/25/22: Sarah Kupke has joined the Educator Summit with her event, Creating a Sense of Belonging Through the Arts!


Educators, this one's for you! We are excited to announce the 2022 CommonTime Educator Summit!

On Saturday, April 30th, an esteemed group of CommonTime Artists and Educators will present a series of six events to support attendees on best practices in Arts Education and Outreach. Topics include differentiation in the art classroom, teaching theater through improvisation, the value of multiple languages in the art classroom, education in the age of misinformation, and advocating for the arts!

Each event is just 5 USD! To purchase tickets, click here!

Who should attend? Music teachers, school administrators, drama teachers, arts administrators, visual arts teachers, dance teachers, and more are encouraged to attend. Educators from all walks of life and all disciplines will find tools to enhance the impact they make in their communities. Not an Educator? Come to learn! All attendees will find actionable tips and conversation aimed at helping them make an impact in their setting.



Differentiation in the Arts Classroom by Michael Skillern

In this session, join Michael to learn about ways to differentiate learning in your Arts classes. These topics can benefit any Arts class – Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Dance, and beyond. Michael will discuss concept based learning, what differentiation is and is not, the 8 key types of differentiation, some methods to institute these types of differentiation, tips on inquiry, problem finding, using challenges, the Arts class as the first job, voice + choice, and the teaching cycle! Click here to purchase tickets!


Teaching Theater Through Improv by Hon Chong

Do you teach improv in your drama class? Are you afraid of adding improv to your syllabus? Do you want to bring improv to your classroom but don't know where to start? Hon can help! Improvisation is a highly valuable tool for an aspiring actor. Teaching improv skills to your students will give them the ability to react quickly, confidently, and creatively to unplanned situations. Through improv, your students will practice listening, focus, communication, and teamwork – all critical skills for actors. Join Hon to learn about using improv to teach theater joyfully, collaboratively, and successfully. He will cover the benefits of teaching theater through improv, developing acting skills through improv,  tips for teaching improv for drama teachers, and facilitating skills for drama teachers through improv. Click here to purchase tickets!


*NEW*    Creating a Sense of Belonging Through the Arts by Sarah Kupke    *NEW*

The visual and performing arts are the learning space within which we can explore and make meaning of our world in practical, theoretical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual ways. They have the potential to touch aspects of our personal identity, cultural identity and our perceptions and relationships with others. Performers, teachers and students, musicians, dancers, actors, performers, come join this interactive workshop to explore how the Arts can be the common language of compassion, to nurture belonging. Click here to purchase tickets!


Embrace All Languages and Cultures in your Performing Arts by Christine Matovich

The performing arts are one of the most transparent subjects in any school. In an International School, especially, they should clearly represent intercultural understandings, diversity and the celebration of multiple languages and language learners. In this workshop, join Christine and look at ways to move out of our comfort zone from what is familiar to us as educators and move into what is unique and familiar to students – giving us all an opportunity to embrace better cultural understanding. Click here to purchase tickets!


Arts Education in an Age of Misinformation and Disinformation by Patrick Kabanda

In recent years, misinformation and disinformation have become front and center in people's lives, to the point that false or misleading information has itself been dubbed a virus, which makes it increasingly harder to fight pandemics like COVID-19. But policy pronouncements, accurate information, faster internet speeds, and better gadgets will not curb this problem. This is where arts education comes in. In this session, join Patrick and consider how seeing the world through arts training can help us deal with mis- and disinformation. He will examine how to evaluate information and how to deal with issues like 'stolen focus' as life-long students of the arts. In this age of information overload, coupled with fake news, observing our society through arts-inspired learning may well be what we need to make sense of our world. Click here to purchase tickets!


Arts Advocacy - Visionary Leadership and Advocacy in Action from around the World! by Dr. AnnRené Joseph

Is arts education (dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts) a part of basic education for all children/students in your community, state, nation, or county? If so, do all students have access to high quality arts education during the school day, before and/or after school? Does your state or nation have laws and policies, resources, professional development, funding sources, and certified or subject endorsed arts educators and teaching artists teaching arts education classes? Are students in arts education classes (especially the performing arts classes) allowed to practice and perform in small and large groups? Students need the arts as a part of a well-rounded education for the whole child from birth through life. The artistic processes of creating, performing, presenting, responding, and communicating are inherent in arts education and lead out the unique artist within each student. Sign up for this session to learn, share, be inspired, and inspire participants about arts advocacy ideas and practices from around the world! More Arts! Click here to purchase tickets!


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