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Wisdom Wednesdays: Artist Features
Sep 08, 2022 | Michael Skillern

Greetings, artists!

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday! This week, Michael from the CommonTime Education + Outreach team discussed how to use CommonTime’s features and tools to engage your audience!

Watch the full webinar below:

There are many tools that artists can use to increase their audience engagement. But if you are looking not only to increase your ability to engage learners, but also help you monetize that engagement, there is only one platform that does it all: CommonTime!

CommonTime is your home for sustainable arts sharing. We are a purpose-built video conferencing, artist booking, arts events, arts education, outreach, and community-building platform with a variety of tools aimed at empowering artists to expand and monetize their audience engagement.

As a CommonTime Artist, you can be booked by educators and individual learners for custom or pre-planned lessons. You can also host live ticketed recitals, events, workshops, and more. Do you have pre-recorded video lessons? You can also sell them on CommonTime.

Here are some of the ways CommonTime helps artists connect digitally with the people that love their art:


CommonTime Profile

Artist profiles on CommonTime are optimized to showcase your art and skills and direct learners toward the different ways that they can book you to teach them. Your CommonTime profile showcases your pictures, videos, artist statement, years of experience, your location, languages you speak, and your areas of expertise. The ‘Book a Lesson’ tab showcases your Planned Lessons, Courses, and allows educators and individual learners to fill out a form to create custom arts experiences with you. The Events tab displays all of your upcoming live recitals, masterclasses, and workshops. Lastly, your reviews are posted under the last tab on your artist profile. 

Click here to browse CommonTime Artist profiles.


CommonTime Events

With CommonTime, you can host live ticketed events of all types, including recitals, webinars, workshops, and other types of events. CommonTime also works with Artists to mobilize our network of Artists, Educators, and Individual Learners to maximize attendance at your events.

Click here to view all current Events on CommonTime.


Planned Lessons and Courses

Online courses have become so popular online. With CommonTime, your patrons can visit your profile and see planned lessons and courses that you offer. These lessons and courses are presented live, and give Educators and Learners the opportunity to easily book your services.

Click here to see the Planned Lessons that CommonTime Artists have created.


Pre-Recorded Videos

On CommonTime, both Artists and Arts Organizations can host and sell pre-recorded videos on the platform. This is a great opportunity for Artists to monetize their content, instead of hosting it for free on other platforms.


The CommonTime Blog

One of CommonTime’s larger community building efforts is the CommonTime Blog. All Artists have an open invitation to contribute to our blog. CommonTime has a wide network of international educators, international artists, individual learners, and arts organizations from all over the world. Post on CommonTime, engage with the World!

Click here for more information on how to contribute an article to the CommonTime Blog.


CommonTime is the ultimate tool that Artists can use to increase their monetization and audience engagement in new ways. CommonTime aims to support the creative economy by creating a sustainable home for Artists worldwide.