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CommonTime Composition: August 2023
Aug 04, 2023 | The CommonTime Team

Dear Arts Lovers,

Welcome to August! CommonTime has some very exciting things in the works - thank you for using our newsletter to stay connected. Educators, as some of you prepare for the new school year, check out CommonTime’s Planned Lessons. These lessons are quick, easy, and painless cultural educational experiences for your students. Learners, move into August with a guitar, piano, violin, acting, art, or dance lesson with one of our fantastic artists. And to the entire CommonTime community, let’s all keep enjoying the arts!

Michael Skillern

Co-Founder/Education + Outreach Coordinator, CommonTime 

How do you connect 86 music students from 3 schools across multiple cultures and languages? With CommonTime, of course! 

Last month, CommonTime helped to organize and run a 2-day, cross-cultural arts experience for students from the Good Hope School in Hong Kong and the Albert Einstein Gymnasium in Germany. The Good Hope School students enjoyed masterclasses with the Orchester der Kulturen, as well as the food, sights, and culture of Germany. The experience culminated in a unified student performance at St. Klemens Catholic Church in Boeblingen. When students from different parts of the world can share their learning, their music, and their culture, it creates an unforgettable experience for the students, their teachers, and the alike! Read about it on the CommonTime blog!

Artists, this one’s for you: CommonTime courses have gotten an overhaul! You can now save courses as drafts and duplicate your past courses to make new ones! Course drafts can be saved at any time in the course creation process; if you’re still workshopping your description or trying to find that perfect image, save what you’ve got and come back to it later. And when you’ve had a really successful course, offer it again with a click of the duplicate button! Check it out on your My Account page!

Find CommonTime on the Arts and Culture Network! The Arts and Culture Network is a global community of over 60,000 arts and culture professionals seeking to raise awareness of the benefits of the arts for human wellbeing and finance. It’s a great way to connect with people around the world who share CommonTime’s love for everything arts!

It’s time to take your slice of the CommonTime pie! Invest in CommonTime through Wefunder!


When you invest in CommonTIme, you are providing skilled teaching artists with a means to earn through their art and learners with access to quality arts education and arts learning experiences. You are helping us reach those who deserve great art learning experiences. Investments start as low as $100.

No matter your investment amount, you get a gift and thank you from us, and the knowledge that you have put creativity front and center for learners around the world!

Have questions about investing?  Reach out to us at info@commontime.online to schedule a live, informational seminar with founders Christine Matovich and Michael Skillern

We’re excited to introduce CommonTime’s newest partner: Shiv Nadar Foundation!

The Shiv Nadar Foundation is a charitable organization in India that focuses on empowering individuals through education. Shiv Nadar School is their initiative to deliver high quality K-12 education to India’s urban student population. Their four schools in Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, and Faridabad are at the forefront of fostering the arts and arts education in India. 

CommonTime recently worked with their arts educators on curriculum, unit design, and assessment in the arts, and offered co-curricular arts lessons to their students. As a result of this partnership, the Shiv Nadar Foundation and its schools will be supported by CommonTime to further enhance quality arts education to their students across India!

“Thank you for the wonderful support you have extended to the school at a time when we really needed it! The Padlet curated by [our CommonTime artist] is a treasure trove of resources, and we cannot thank you enough for sharing it with us. Some of our educators have already reached out to request one-on-ones with [the artist], and it is wonderful to have this kind of support, which practitioners truly need, being offered at this time.”

Manjima Chatterjee
Vice Principal, Shiv Nadar School, Noida, India
Central Arts Curriculum Lead, Shiv Nadar School
CommonTime Professional Development Courses with Shiv Nadar School Educators