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7 Benefits of Online Acting Classes for Aspiring Actors
Mar 31, 2023 | The CommonTime Team

Are you an aspiring actor looking to make your mark in the acting industry? If so, you may have considered taking online acting classes to give yourself a leg up in the industry. In recent years, the demand for online acting classes has exploded, as actors look for more convenient and flexible methods of learning. According to the market research company Grand View Research, the global market for online acting classes is estimated to reach $18.9 billion by 2025, indicating the increasing popularity of the industry.

From finding auditions to building a network of industry professionals, it can be difficult to navigate the complex and highly competitive world of acting. However, with the rise of online acting classes, aspiring actors have a new tool at their disposal to improve their skills, gain valuable industry knowledge, and ultimately, succeed in the industry. With online learning platforms like CommonTime, you can now access high-quality theatre classes from the comfort of your own home. Here are 7 benefits of online acting lessons:


1. You can get live feedback from your instructor


One of the key benefits of online acting classes is that you can get live feedback from your instructor. Whether you’re just starting out or are already an experienced actor, it’s essential to get feedback from an experienced theatre teacher. With CommonTime, you get a personalized and direct connection to professional theatre teachers who can help you grow as an actor. Our vetted acting instructors will be able to observe how you perform and give you advice on how to break into the acting industry. They can offer valuable insight into how to become a successful actor and make your acting dreams come true. The classes focus on refining your techniques and methods, so you can get a better understanding of the nuances of the acting industry. So if you’re looking for the best online acting classes, CommonTime is your one-stop shop.


2. You can learn from anywhere in the world


Another advantage of online theatre lessons is that they offer you the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world. With our online drama classes, you can access high-quality theatre teaching from any location with an internet connection. If you are looking for how to break into the acting industry and don’t have access to traditional classes, online courses are the perfect solution for you.

Online classes also provide you with the opportunity to learn alongside actors from around the globe. This can provide a unique opportunity to experience different approaches to the craft, as well as broaden your understanding of the industry. As an aspiring actor, this kind of global context is invaluable when learning how to become an actor. 


3. You can explore a wide range of methods and styles


You may be interested in becoming the next big thing in the acting industry, but that requires an understanding of audition techniques. You might also want to learn more about developing characters and scenes. One of the best aspects of learning acting online is that you can explore a variety of methods and styles of acting. When attending in-person classes, you often have to rely on the style and method of teaching of the instructor. With online acting classes, you can choose from a range of acting instructors and theatre teachers who are trained in different approaches and techniques. 


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4. You can build your confidence & get inspired


As an actor, one of the most important parts of your career is having the confidence to perform in front of a live audience. With online acting classes, you can boost your self-esteem and become inspired to make it big in the acting industry. Through working with experienced theatre teachers and taking part in online drama classes, you can learn how to act with confidence, how to present yourself in front of a live audience and work on your stage presence. Online classes provide an encouraging atmosphere and constructive feedback that will help you build your self-esteem and become the best actor you can be. Additionally, these lessons allow you to connect with actors who are already veterans, which helps you know what to expect when trying to kickstart your acting career.


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5. You learn how to face the camera


Did you know, according to an online study, 8 out of 10 inspiring actors confessed that facing the camera was their biggest challenge when starting out? No wonder why most aspiring actors often find it difficult to face the camera alone. Acting on camera is a key skill for actors, and online theatre lessons provide a great opportunity to practice this skill. With online classes, you'll become comfortable being on camera, and you will learn how to use your body and facial expressions to convey emotion, create a character, and find your unique voice. You'll also be able to receive constructive feedback from your instructor and build your confidence as an actor. Such personalized instructions and disciplined routines boost confidence and prepare you to take on any audition or shoot. With the right guidance, you can become well-prepared to take on the acting industry.


6. You can improve your connection & networking


Aspiring actors often struggle to build their networks. However, with online acting classes, you can easily find mentors, other actors, and theatre teachers who can help you grow as an actor. Taking part in such a vibrant community can help you build connections with other actors in the same field. You can connect with peers who share the same interests and learn from each other. You can even collaborate on projects, exchange feedback, and use each other as motivation to reach your goals. With the right connections, you can open up new possibilities and take your career to the next level.


7. Online drama classes are more affordable


For those looking to become actors, the cost of classes and workshops can be daunting. Traditional courses often come with hefty tuition fees and travel expenses. However, with the rise of online drama classes, the barriers to entry for those seeking to learn how to become an actor are diminishing. With CommonTime’s online acting classes, you can save on costly tuition fees and travel expenses, without compromising on quality. Learning how to perform in front of a camera and honing your craft has never been more affordable.



Online acting classes can be the best way to learn about the nuances of the acting industry secrets and begin your journey as an actor. CommonTime offers a wide range of online drama classes, taught by experienced theatre teachers. With the help of these classes, you can learn how to become an actor and gain the skills needed to pursue a career in acting. Online classes also offer more affordable options than traditional in-person classes, making them the perfect choice for aspiring actors. It's time to access the best acting classes online, gain professional experience, build your confidence, and network with other actors.