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Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet
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Specialisation: Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet
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Specialisation: Contemporary, Improvisation
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Artist Statement
As a professional dancer and fitness trainer, my passion and goal is to transmit tools to understand and reconnect with your body—to move freely and confidently as you discover new paths. Coming from a ballet training (Royal ballet of Antwerpen), I thrive by learning and mixing new techniques and genres. Now in the US, after 3 years at the Alvin Ailey school, I’m excited to keep growing with this incredible dance community.
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Manon - Ballet Barre introduction
60 minutes x 1 Lesson
In this class, we will go through a full ballet barre, step by steps to learn the fundamental of ballet. For beginners or anyone that …
starClassroom Lesson
ageFamily Friendly
Manon - Movement improvisation introduction
60 minutes x 3 Lessons
Movement lies in everyone of us. From our breath, our heart beat, when we walk, interact with others, we keep moving our body in space …
starClassroom Lesson
Manon - Gentle Mobility and Strength reinforcement
30 minutes x 3 Lessons
This class is here to help you move and reinforce your muscles and joints without hurting yourself or disconnecting to your sensations. My approches mixes …
starGroup Lesson
Manon - Injury prevention for dancer
30 minutes x 3 Lessons
This class is made to support any dancers in their training. Often, cross-training is overlooked, thinking that dance class will be enough to get you …
starClassroom Lesson
ageAll Age Ranges
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    Christine Matovich
    Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
    Manon was really energetic and clear with her instructions. Sometimes the audio was a challenge as she moved, but she used the room great, and gave an accessible lesson with clear outcomes of creative exploration.