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Baden Wuttermberg, Germany
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Acrylic, Watercolor
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Specialisation: Acrylic, Watercolor
Specialisation: Contemporary Architecture, Design Development
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The term “form follows function” strongly resonates with me as an architect. This deceptively simple statement is an exercise that requires constant balancing between aesthetics and end-user requirements. The intensive 5 years of my architecture studies and 17 years of work experience has conditioned the mind to follow a pattern. We admire the lofty skyscrapers and sprawling complexes, the technological advances in construction but turn to the classics for timeless beauty. The lockdown and time on my hands lead me to picking up my hobby in earnest. In the beginning, I started by combining symbols familiar to the InIndian culture with abstracts. Reading about famous Indian folk arts like Madhubani/Mithila and Kalamkari and experiments with these styles satisfied the need for a new color-rich perspective. Specifically, the Kachini style of Madhubani with the emphasis on fine line work and fewer colors has captured my interest. My love for architectural built forms and Indian folk art collaborates in my current set of artworks. Most of my works have a pastel color wash and fine penwork. Some have bold backgrounds to stand out. The use of mixed media enables me to express my perception of the influence of art on architecture.
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Kanchana - Indian Folk Art Forms with Kanchana - in person
60 minutes x 4 Lessons
Ever wondered what is design for? What's applied arts? Come and 'Fitabit-o'-art in-ur-pocket' Session 1 - Intro, Bridge the gap. learn how art seeps into …
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    CommonTime Team
    Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
    Kanchana's presentation was very informational, interesting, and concise. She made great use of images and web links to illustrate her topic of art and architecture. She also included several links to videos and websites at the end for further learning. All in all, a great event!