An Afternoon of Percussion: A House Recital by Michael Skillern
Michael Ross Skillern - An Afternoon of Percussion: A House Recital by Michael Skillern
time 16 Apr, 2022 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Hosted by Michael Ross Skillern
Event Description:
Michael will dazzles audiences with 21st century Solo Percussion music, with 1 classic, that pushes the limits of electro-acoustic sound as applied to percussion! There will be 3 works for Solo Snare Drum. 2 of them will blend electronic soundscapes while using different tools to draw beautiful sounds from the snare drum. Next, will be 8 pieces of music for Solo Vibraphone with and without accompanying through composed electronic soundscapes. In lieu of using a traditional Vibraphone, Michael will be performing with a Pearl malletStation. Using this 3 octave digital mallet instrument, Michael will be using custom made synthesized sounds. Imagine hearing Bach with ethereal space-like sounds. 4 of these pieces are written for acoustic Vibraphone, but be performed using varied electronic sounds. 4 of these pieces will be playing using traditional Vibraphone sounds and paired with immersive soundscapes. Program: +Minute of News, snare drum - Eugene Novotney +Non-Prophets, snare drum + electronics - Caleb Pickering +A song over time, snare drum + electronics - Joey Bourdeau - +Prelude to Cello Suite no. 3, Synthesized Vibraphone - Bach +Movements for Movement in Movement, Synthezied Vibraphone - Anthony Green + Mechanics to Wit, Vibraphone + Electronics, Michael Standard + Electric Screwdriver, Vibraphone + Electronics, Chase Williams +I Dream a Universe, Vibraphone + Electronics, Brett Copeland + Argoru VII, Synthesized Vibraphone, Alvin Singleton + Stadiums, Synthesized Vibraphone, Steph Davis + Secondhand, Vibraphone + Electronics, Caleb Pickering
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Michael Ross Skillern
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