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SNS Secondary - Phone Photography with Sushant
Sushant Sinha - SNS Secondary - Phone Photography with Sushant
time 6 Jan, 2023 - 21 Apr, 2023
Course Description
Learn the basics of photography and how to use your phone camera to take professional like photos. At the end of the course you should be able to take better quality photos using your phone camera, and add to your photography skills important concepts like the knowledge of lighting, composition, and work on more creative and interesting photography ideas. You should also have a basic portfolio of your work in different types of photography such as portraits, architecture, and product shoot. The topics for the course are as follows: Week 1-2: A history of photography. Introduction to camera and photography. Introduction to phone camera photography. Week 3-4: Different genres in photography eg. Portraiture, product, architecture, etc. Week 5-7: Understanding light and best lighting for different kinds of photography. Week 8: Mid-course Portfolio review and feedback, and a recap of everything that we have learnt. Week 9-10: Understanding various rules of composition. Week 11-12: Using the various features in a phone camera. Week 13-14: Creative phone photography. Week 15: Image editing using phone based apps. Week 16: Portfolio review and feedback, and a recap of everything that we have learnt. Materials needed: A smart phone with a camera, a phone stand, and a selfie-stick.
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