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Our Stories: Before I die I want to ...
Funnylicious Theater - Our Stories: Before I die I want to ...
Stories are the heart of this performance, and honesty is the soul. We randomly select a few suggestions from you, the audience (before I die, I want to …). After that, our cast members share true stories inspired by your suggestions and spin the stories to life with the help of a musician and lights technician. Every performance is completely unique, with the audience discovering the stories right alongside the actors. Based on the Armando long-form format created by Armando Diaz, a renowned improv actor, and teacher. *Before I Die, … is a global art project that invites people to reflect on their aspirations and write them down in public. Created by Candy Chang in New Orleans. Cast: Hon Chong Olivia Biskupska Martina Slobodova Shawn Fisher Christof Schmidt Christoph Pöll Musician: Ady Kelemen Artistic Director: Hon Chong Language: English Show length: 90min Venue of performance: Teatro Colorato, Františkánske námestie 2, Bratislava, Slovakia Date of performance: 11.05.2022 Produced by: Funnylicious Improv Theater Videographer and editor: Tomas Svoboda Equipment and camera:
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Our Stories: Before I die I want to ... - Pre-Recorded Video
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