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The Art of Writing a Novel. Private lessons/1-2 students
Laura Strobel - The Art of Writing a Novel.   Private lessons/1-2 students
Creative imagery and painting a vivid picture with words is what writing a good story is all about. Whether you want to write fiction or nonfiction, the art of building an interesting storyline is in the planning and details. A solid structure and layout of the novel, from character profiles to developing the plot, will help you as a writer to take the reader where you want them to go. Flow-Chart For The First Eight Week Seminar: Determining the kind of story you want to write. Creating the characters. Building the characters and character profiles. Structuring an outline for your novel. Writing perspectives and tense. Building the conflict element. Creating a vivid setting for your story. Reflection before starting to writing your first chapter. *** PLease note that if a student or group would prefer another day and/or time, we can certainly work to accomodate you!
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60 minutes x 8 Lessons - Private Lesson (1-2 learners)
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