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Sondra Harnes
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Virginia, United States of America
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Vocal Technique, Warm Up, Conducting, Repertoire Selection, Working with ensembles, Children's Choir, Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Diction, Music Interpretation, Performance Skills, Opera Chorus, Women's Choir
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Everyone Can Learn To Sing - Heartsongs for You and Your Baby
Sondra Harnes - Everyone Can Learn To Sing - Heartsongs for You and Your Baby
Heartsongs for You and Your Baby helps you get your voice ready to sing comfortably and with confidence. Lower your stress and anxiety. Experience confidence, relaxation, fun, and freedom to express emotion and joy through your voice. Learn breathing and relaxation exercises, warm-ups and vocalizes, interval and rhythm patterns, creative movement, and songs (choose from traditional lullabies, nursery songs, international folk songs, your favorite song).
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60 minutes x 1 Lesson - Private Lesson (1-2 learners)
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