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Dr. AnnRené Joseph – Voice Adjudication - Ages High School through Adult
Dr. AnnRené Joseph - Dr. AnnRené Joseph – Voice Adjudication  - Ages High School through Adult
This session is for vocal soloists in high school, college, and adults who are serious singers and value vocal adjudication, feedback, and techniques for healthy Bel Canto singing techniques for life. Participants will perform their choral solo or ensemble selection as if they were performing for the adjudicator for a solo and ensemble contest, college jury, recital, or festival. A copy of the music the participant will be performing, will be sent via email to Dr. Joseph, prior to the adjudication session, for viewing and referral during the performance and throughout the adjudication. Performers will perform with either a taped or live accompaniment. This particular session booking is an adjudication of a ‘live’ and prepared performance by the performer. A parent, voice teacher, and/or accompanist may accompany the student performer. Any additional participants will be agreed to prior to the session adjudication. The taping of the adjudication is strictly for continued teaching and learning only, and not to be posted on any social media or sites. This is a private adjudication in preparation for a contest, festival, recital, or jury. An oral adjudication will follow after the artist performs their piece. Dr. Joseph will coach, mentor, and take students through a vocal coaching lesson and have the student try out suggested strategies while singing their performance song. Warm-ups for breathing and vocal production may be shared and practiced, including somatic instruction exercises for use while rehearsing. This session adjudication may be scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes and video recorded for use with on-going practice with approval of both parties. Note: Students will perform an art song or music representing master literature. Students will be adjudicated on overall preparation, musicianship, tone, intonation, technique, and appropriate literature. Written notes with Dr. Joseph’s critique will be available and sent to the participant following the voice lesson, upon request.
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60 minutes x 1 Lesson - Private Lesson (1-2 learners)
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