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Wisdom Wednesdays: Service Learning in the Arts Classroom
Oct 10, 2021 | Michael Skillern

Welcome Educators, Artists, Individuals, Arts Organizations, and more!

On September 29th, Michael hosted a new installment of Wisdom Wednesday: Service Learning in the Arts Classroom!

We covered the Service Learning Cycle (Kathryn Berger Kaye, Int’l Baccalaureate) and the ways we can combine those ideas with Arts class outcomes. For many of our students, the question of ‘why’ is not answered as concretely as in other subjects. In math, students already know that those skills are needed for certain careers. The same goes for science, and of course, reading. But for the Arts, finding new ways to add the ‘why’ to your lessons is a great way to increase engagement.

Service Learning, for me, has been one of the most impactful methods to achieve that goal. The world extends so far beyond the walls of our classrooms. Learning through the lens of service helps students see that. Why am I learning music? Dance? Art? Theater? Because, with the help of the service learning cycle, those skills can change the world, the nation, the city, the community, or the school in a real way.

As always, watch the full video below!


Stay tuned for the next Wisdom Wednesday!