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Wisdom Wednesdays: Innovative Fundraising with CommonTime
Jan 27, 2022 | Michael Skillern

Greetings, Arts Lovers!

This week’s Wisdom Wednesday is for our Educators and Arts Organizations. Schools and organizations worldwide struggle with finding successful fundraising strategies. Many of these organizations, especially public institutions, have tried all kinds of things to raise money, like selling merchandise, washing cars, simply asking for donations, and more.

Today, we discuss some more innovative fundraising efforts. Instead of relying on products that are not worth the value of the donations you solicit, or turning your organization’s members into salesmen, or relying on the goodness of your patrons’ hearts, try using CommonTime to offer something of value in exchange for donations. As a CommonTime Arts Organization, your school or organization could host ticketed livestream events on our purpose-built arts platform. On CommonTime, you can access all of your stakeholders via livestream in a way that allows you to monetize your art. Hosting a play? Stream it! Hosting an art show? Stream it? Middle school band? Stream it. With CommonTime, your art can go live and monetized!

Watch the full webinar below!