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Wisdom Wednesdays: GRASP Tasks in the Arts Classroom
Apr 27, 2022 | Michael Skillern

Greetings, Arts Educators!

This week on Wisdom Wednesday, the CommonTime Education + Outreach team talks about how to use GRASP tasks in the Arts classroom. GRASP is an acronym that stands for Goal, Role, Audience, Scenario, and Product. Using GRASP tasks during assessment helps students make concrete connections to their learning.

Transform your art students into professional artists. By assigning an obtainable Goal, your students can imagine their end product from the beginning. By assigning your students a Role, you are helping them make clear career connections. Making the connection between learning and real life is so important when teaching students how the Arts affect our daily lives. By helping students identify their Audience, they will understand that Art is inspired by and reflects the world around them. By outlining a Scenario for learning/assessment at the beginning, students have no confusion about the context in which they will be learning. Lastly, when students are working towards a final Product, they can better visualize what their learning will produce at the end of the unit.

Watch the full webinar below: