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Join the Movement that Drives the Creative Economy
Oct 20, 2023 | The CommonTime Team

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

In the two short years since our launch in 2021, we have seen tremendous growth.  We’re now ready to take CommonTime to the next level, and we invite you to become an owner!  Starting at just $100, invest in the movement that drives the creative economy.

What is CommonTime?

CommonTime is an online arts learning platform that serves as a single point of access to all of the arts and arts education in served and underserved communities.  We connect vetted, professional artists and arts organizations to learners through custom lessons, courses, events, live streams, memberships, and more.  The entire user experience, from finding an artist, to booking, to the live video lesson takes place right here on the platform.  All sessions are delivered through our own video, chat, and recording capabilities purpose-built for the arts. CommonTime is a venue, a classroom, a marketplace and community all in one place!


As We Grow, So Does Your Investment

This isn’t a donation; you are investing for future equity.  Did you know that if you had invested $100 into AirBnB, your investment would be worth $1.2 million today?  Investing now, during our Community Round, means that your investment is worth more than it would be if you invest later; you will see an even bigger return on your investment!  And, by investing early, you also receive perks like free lessons, memberships, curated events, and more.  There is a limited time left to get in on our Community Round, so don’t wait!

Our Successes

Since our launch in March of 2021, we have:

  • Built a marketplace where artists can earn by teaching, regardless of their physical location
  • Grown our individual users and partners by over 1000% 
  • Successfully engaged in thousands of sessions and learners across 128 countries through all art forms
  • An app in beta testing, soon to launch, enabling access to arts education to millions of learners

Arts education provides learners with the necessary tools and skills required and sought after by 21st-century careers.  Additionally, learners who don’t have access to arts experiences or arts education don’t place value on the arts, a vital part of any nation’s economy.  With one of our partners alone, there are 70,000 schools with 7 million children who do not have access to arts education. With YOUR funding we can change this!  


This round of funding will allow us to:

  • Expand our team, content and content providers
  • Increase our Marketing, Sales and Branding through targeted campaigns
  • Enhance our IT/Web and APP, Product Development and User experience

When you invest in CommonTime, you are supporting access to the arts and arts education for learners around the world; you are supporting the importance of the arts, their contributions to communities, and the creative economies they generate; and you are making an impact by providing skilled teaching artists with a means to earn through their art.  


Share in Our Growth while Helping Us to Continue this Important Work

Have questions about investing? Reach out to us at info@commontime.online.

Thank you for investing, sharing, and caring to make a difference!