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CommonTime Credits: Have all the Arts in your wallet!
May 15, 2022 | The CommonTime Team

Greetings, CommonTime Community!

The CommonTime Team is excited to bring you a brand new feature: CommonTime Credits!

With CommonTime Credits, having a great arts experience is easier than ever! Use Credits to pay ahead for all products and services on CommonTime, including Lessons, Events, and Memberships. Save time and money on lengthy reimbursement or approval processes, and have all the Arts in your wallet with CommonTime Credits!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to your CommonTime Account, then visit the Payment Info tab of your My Account page.
  2. Scroll down to the CommonTime Credits section of the Payment Info tab. Here, you will see your available credits.
  3. Choose the amount of Credits you would like to purchase. If you purchase 100 Credits or more, you get bonus Credits for free!

Once you purchase Credits, they can be used in any transaction on CommonTime. Want to book a Teaching Artist for a Lesson? Want to purchase a Membership to get exclusive discounts? Use your Credits to pay for them! During Checkout, your available Credits will automatically be used. If you don’t have enough Credits to complete your purchase, you purchase more Credits during Checkout, or pay the remainder with a credit card.

Don’t have access to a credit card? CommonTime Credits can also be purchased via wire transfer! Look for the following section at the bottom of the Payment Info tab

After clicking “Click here,” you will receive an email with instructions for how to purchase Credits via wire transfer. Credits are a great way to book Lessons and Events without needing to use a credit card!

Memberships and Credits are a match made in heaven! When you belong to a Group or Guild Membership, you can share your Credits with your Group or Guild Members. For example, if you are an Arts Administrator whose school or institution has a Group or Guild Membership, you can invite the teachers in your school or institution to join your Membership. Then, when you purchase Credits for your Membership, your Members can use them to book Lessons or Events! With CommonTime Memberships and Credits, it’s easy to get great Teaching Artists into your classrooms!

To learn more about CommonTime Memberships, click here.

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