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CommonTime Composition: October 2023
Oct 05, 2023 | The CommonTime Team

Dear Arts Lovers,

The festival season is approaching for many cultures: Oktoberfest in Germany, Dussehra in India, and the mid-Autumn festival in China and Hong Kong. Autumn is a time of harvest and celebration, the gathering of the community, and much more. Whatever you’re celebrating this season, you’ll be celebrating with the arts! Music, dance, theatre, and visual arts are vital parts of any special occasion. If you’re looking for gift ideas, look no further than CommonTime and give the gift of the arts

The CommonTime Team

We are already seeing some great traction on our Wefunder campaign; it’s not too late to join us and become an owner of CommonTime! Investments start as low as just $100.

Your investment will allow CommonTime to be in every classroom, supporting access to arts education and connecting learners of all ages to artists like Pascal – a dancer from Germany who is already enriching the lives of learners by teaching them decision-making and self-confidence. 

This isn’t a donation. As we grow, so does your investment! 

Did you know that if you had invested $100 into AirBnB, your investment would be worth $1.2 million today? When you invest early, you also receive perks like free lessons, memberships, curated events, and more. There is a limited time left to get in on our community round, so don’t wait!

Here is your chance to help professional artists, like Pascal, by becoming an investor in CommonTime. 

Please visit https://wefunder.com/commontime.1/ to make your investment and become part of the CommonTime movement!

Thank you to everyone who has already invested in CommonTime! You are making a real difference in providing quality arts education to all. Your trust, belief, and support will help every learner have access to the arts and every artist be able to make a living sharing what they love.

Here is what some of our investors have to say about CommonTime!

“I believe in the mission. There is never enough money for Arts education and the Arts are more important now in our rapidly digitalizing global society than possibly ever before. The Arts create empathy and allow us to express our deepest humanity and everyone should have access to learning how to express themselves.”

  • Cyrilla P.

“CommonTime is an innovative company, ushering in the next phase in the evolution of arts education.” 

  • Michael P.

“I believe arts education is important to becoming a well-rounded adult. Learning that one can be creative as a young person allows adults to explore different avenues for creativity later on, helping to build resilience and hobbies for a lifetime. Also, having worked with Christine, I knew she would only ask us to invest in something if she believed in it. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what comes next!”

  • Kathryn K.