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CommonTime Composition: April 2023
Apr 04, 2023 | The CommonTime Team

Arts Lovers,

Spring is in the air, full of song, colors and joy. It’s time for rebirth and new ideas.

Here in Stuttgart the daffodils are in bloom and nature’s palette offers us an aesthetic array of possibilities. CommonTime’s palette has a plethora of great upcoming events, summer courses, lessons, and languages to help you travel the world from wherever you are.

Keep your eyes on our events page for great opportunities to engage in arts experiences or offer them!

Let’s compose a great piece together with the arts! This is your website and community, share it widely, bring your arts, celebrate with your friends, and connect with cultures.

See you soon, and often, on CommonTime.

Christine Matovich  and  Michael Skillern

          Founder                   Co-Founder

How do you bring the world together on one stage? The Orchester der Kulturen can show you how! On April 15th, the Orchester der Kulturen is premiering a concert video chronicling the deeply moving “Sinfonie Unseres Lebens,” or “Symphony of our Lives.” This groundbreaking genre bending masterpiece features refugee musicians from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. During this special stream, Maestro Adrian Werum will be taking questions in the chat!

The Orchester der Kulturen has recently become a CommonTime streaming partner! You can catch CommonTime-exclusive streams of their performances, behind-the-scenes videos, and more!

Summer breaks are just around the corner starting in May and going through September!

That is 5 months of great arts experiences! Now you can book Summer School Lessons and Courses on CommonTime

CommonTime Patrons Looking for great ways to keep your students engaged in creating this summer?  Learning something new for yourself?  Helping your children explore a world of creative possibilities and cultural connections?  Have some lessons or courses on CommonTime!

CommonTime Artists now is the time to offer what you love to do - share your art!  Set up your lessons, courses, and workshops that work with your schedule.  Reach out to us for onboarding sessions and support to build your lessons, courses, workshops, and events!

Arts Organizations Summer is a perfect time for outreach through your livestream events, meet the artist series, virtual tours, workshops and more.  Set up your outreach programs to engage young and old learners alike, and grow your fan base!

No matter the time of year, It’s always a fine time for arts experiences on CommonTime!

CommonTime will launch its WeFunder investment campaign on Friday, April 14, 2023.  https://wefunder.com/commontime.1/

Before the public launch, we invite you, our core stakeholders and dream makers, to become an owner in CommonTime!

Thanks to your love of the arts and arts education and your faith in CommonTime we are experiencing growth to help us continue our mission to provide access to arts and arts education around the world.  

We’re about to launch a Community Round – what does that mean? This means we’re letting our customers and biggest supporters become investors in CommonTime for a minimum investment of $100. We decided to host a Community Round for CommonTime on Wefunder to share the upside of our success with the people who know us best: our family, friends, and our CommonTime community. You are our foundation. 

We're inviting you to become an investor in CommonTime, before we open this investing round to the public we want to give you priority access. Rather than sharing the fruits of our growth with only a small group of millionaire investors, we want to give our customers a share of what they believe in: the arts and arts education.

Our Community Round is about building a network of people who share our mission and values. The great thing about Wefunder is that it allows anyone—whether or not they’re an accredited investor—to become an angel investor in our company. 

Here is the link to our WeFunder page: https://wefunder.com/commontime.1/


Adrian Werum is the Composer and Music Director of the Orchester der Kulturen in Germany. Adrian specializes in connecting musical cultures through mixed instrumentation and musical styles. The Orchester der Kulturen, like Adrian himself, is known for embracing the world instruments that reflect the breadth of Germany’s rich and diverse cultural landscape. In addition to his work with this orchestra, Adrian has also served as a music director for “Dance of the Vampires,” several Disney shows, and MTV Unplugged. Book a lesson with Adrian and bring together a world of music!

… that CommonTime Co-Founder Michael Skillern is a professional percussionist? He recently performed a solo for the Sheikh of Sharjah!