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CommonTime 1-on-1: Tim Short
Jan 26, 2022 | Michael Skillern

Greetings arts lovers!

This time, I sat down with acclaimed painter Tim Short. Not only is Tim one of my first friends, he is also a true visionary and a Leap Year Artist at the MINT Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. In this conversation, we talked about the life of a painter, the expansive universe of his paintings, the educational experiences that led him to where he is, what his art studio looks like, and so much more! Tim also gives valuable insight into his upbringing, his family, the Blackness that informs his art, and how to help art students find their voice.

There are some small internet hiccups during the conversation, but all in all, this is a must-see conversation for all visual artists and educators. At CommonTime, we love the arts — especially when we get to chat with the people making it happen!

Watch the full interview below!