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CommonTime 1-on-1: Patrick Kabanda
May 12, 2022 | Michael Skillern

Greetings, arts lovers!

In this episode of CommonTime 1-on-1, Michael sat down with author and creative economist Patrick Kabanda. Patrick and Michael spoke at length about the state of the world, Patrick’s journey to where he is now, and how Arts learning can be used to improve the public’s ability to receive information.

In this conversation, Patrick spoke on the idea of focus. These days, long-term focus is in short supply. When snappy headlines and 1-minute videos are king, people often overlook the need for depth when taking in information. But, as Patrick explains in this video, learning the Arts not only teaches people to appreciate detail and nuance, but also to identify and appreciate dualities. Unlike the easily-digestible information that we are often fed, most things in our lives are not so black and white.

Patrick and Michael also discussed Patrick’s book, The Creative Wealth of Nations: Can the Arts Advance Development? available online. In his book, Patrick envisions a world where economic fortitude is not focused solely on traditional measures of economic output, like natural resources. Every country in the world has access to culture – music, dance, drama, and art – that is uniquely theirs. And when you have an asset that is uniquely yours, you have a place in the world economy. All you have to do is figure out how to prioritize that unique culture, and mobilize the traditions of your homeland.

Watch the full interview below: