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CommonTime 1-on-1: Laura Stanley
Sep 21, 2021 | Michael Skillern

Welcome back, folks!

The team here at CommonTime is excited to share the second installment of our interview series: CommonTime 1-on-1. We were very fortunate to be able to sit down with licensed counselor Laura Stanley! She has worked extensively to support wellness and mindfulness in children, while also supporting their emotional and social needs. Beyond that, she’s just a great person.


We covered a lot during this interview! To summarize, we spoke about:

  1. The state of our children post-pandemic, and how arts educators can help
  2. Growing mental health awareness in Asia
  3. Supporting student wellness and social-emotional learning in a virtual landscape
  4. Connecting wellness and social-emotional learning to the arts
  5. Ways arts teachers can intentionally promote wellness in their teaching
  6. How CommonTime can work to support wellness through our guest artist matching


Watch the full interview below!