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One of the major drawbacks of music education in India is the financial element of receiving qualitative tuition. Economically, students who are fortunate enough to own a classical guitar and possess an intermediate to advanced level generally cannot afford to travel to the leading institutions across the world to further their education and career. This is where the Classical Guitar Reach Foundation of India (CGRFI) would like to help & contribute. Samrat Majumder and Srijit Mukherjee founded CGRFI as a non-profit organization to help bridge this educational gap for the benefit of these students who wish to begin or develop a career in music by taking their musicality to the international concert stage. CGRFI Members (course participants) receive private, online one-to-one tuition on a weekly basis with workshops and lectures being presented throughout the year. In keeping with CGRFI principles, all courses are provided free of charge. CGRFI believes in music education as a right, not a privilege.
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