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Shane Bingham
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Georgia, United States of America
CommonTime user since Aug 2021
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Electric Guitar, Guitar
circle10+ Years Experience
Profession and Specializations
Specialisation: Electric Guitar, Guitar
Specialisation: Instrumental Arrangements, Music Creation, Creating Loops
Music Engineer
World Music
Music Producer
Specialisation: Music Direction, Alternative, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic, A cappella
Film Music
Rock Musician
Music Improvisation
Specialisation: How to Improvise
Music Mixing
Recording Artist
Specialisation: Style
Music Editor
Specialisation: Editing Software
Music Therapist
Specialisation: Performing Music, Creating, Music Psychology, wellness music
Jingle Composer
Rap Artist
Specialisation: Vocalist, Composer
Pop Artist
Specialisation: Rock, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop
General Music
Specialisation: Skills, Music appreciation
Hip Hop
Artist Statement
I am music. I am my expressions of self unapologetically. I am not my past, but my past has taught me about who i've become. I am fully present in what the present is teaching me. I am confident in who I will be tomorrow because I love who I am today. I love being a creative... I love teaching others how to discover and harness their creativity. Being a creative allows us the opportunity to expand with the universe and continue to build and craft new worlds on any canvas we choose to paint on...
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Shane Bingham
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