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McKayla Talasek
Missouri, United States of America
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Combining energetic performance with dedication and discipline, Mc Kayla Talasek is an influential Classical Musician. Since embarking on her career in 2013, she has entranced her audiences with her signature sound and added beauty, commitment, and consistency to the orchestras she's been honored to perform with. As a lessons instructor, McKayla aspires to not only build up all generations of musicians, but to inspire and coach students how to be well rounded, intentional, thought-provoking spirits, using their instrument as the main resource. Her hope is that her teachings will also expend into other aspects of their careers and day to day lives, as to provide good advice and knowledge for each students mind, body, and soul. During lessons, each student is asked to push themselves past their own comfort zone and learn how to hone in on their discipline, respect, and daily lifestyle that suites them best. Currently, she performs with the Reno Philharmonic and Illinois Symphony Orchestra, and teaches privately at her home studio.
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Viola, Violin
Classical Musician
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A private lesson with the artist to learn the technique of a craft. Suggested class size: 1 to 2 students.
30 minutes | $35
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3 hours | $300
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