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Joshua Alexander
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Georgia, United States of America
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Vocal Technique, Warm Up, Solfege, Music Interpretation, Performance Skills
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Choral Director
Specialisation: Vocal Technique, Warm Up, Solfege, Music Interpretation, Performance Skills
Specialisation: Classical Singer, Recording Artist, Vocal techniques, Vocal Projection
Specialisation: Music Theory, Storyboard, Film Composer, Classical Composer, Jingle Composer, Instrumental Arrangements, Music Notation Software, Music Creation, Creating Loops
Specialisation: Copyright and Arranging, Techniques to Arrange, Music Theory, Structure, Themes and Variations
Music Engineer
Specialisation: Role of the Engineer, Mixing Music, Recording Music, Setting up a Home Studio, Music Software, Music Editing
Music Producer
Specialisation: Music Direction, Music Mixing, Music Software, Production, Post Production, Music Distribution, Marketing, Pop, R&B, Classical, Rap, Hip Hop, Soundtrack
Film Music
Specialisation: Composing for Film, Music Storyboard
Classical Musician
Specialisation: Vocalist, Romantic, Composer, Contemporary
Rap Artist
Specialisation: Vocalist, Composer, Improvisation, Skills, Workshops, Techniques, Rhythm and Rhyme, Content, Storytelling
Artist Statement
Action Speaks Louder than words. Music speaks louder than both. There is a point in my life when music seemingly replaced oxygen. I was aware of my passion prior, but the absence of musical creative life revealed a new truth: without it, I would perish. The craft of Composition has given me a framework through which I form meaning. It has allowed me to more intimately understand the creative process. Designers, architects, painters, lawyers, mothers, athletes, and so forth, all share an acute understanding of how to intelligently connect their artifacts to create a successful experience; they are all composers! It is my belief that composing is a mechanism of creation rather than merely a musical activity, and it is my duty to create art that connects to this truth. I feel obliged to share these insights with other creative artists, regardless of whether they consider themselves such.”
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Joshua Alexander
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    5.0 • 2 Review(s)
    Jordan Bardzik
    NJ, United States of America
    Joshua is a superb teaching artist. I have no musical background, but in just an hour with Joshua, I learned so much about the process of writing lyrics for music. He helped me to open my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities!
    Christine Matovich
    Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
    Absolutely eye-opening experience going from the simple creation of a few words and thoughts to the makings of a solid song - and backed by clear music theory to value the skill-building process. Can't recommend him highly enough for learners and professional development!