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Janise Yntema
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Brussels, Belgium
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Wax Encaustics
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Specialisation: Wax Encaustics
Artist Statement
Janise Yntema's painting practise focuses on the ancient painting technique of beeswax encaustic, For over 25 years Yntema has refined her use of this material and is known for her work in this technique. Continually intrigued by the fine line between figuration and abstraction, Yntema's images evolve through slow accumulations of semi-transparent wax layers, light permeates these works and becomes compositionally present. In 2018, Yntema was awarded the International Encaustic Artists' Vendéenne Award for recognition of outstanding contribution and advancement of encaustic art. Yntema's inclusion of original photography has brought her work in encaustic to a contemporary platform, blurring the boundary between photography and painting, Merging the digital with the ancient, Yntema alters the "truth" of these paintings in questioning how we locate reality when the manipulated and objective are merged. Through the use of beeswax and her work with landscape, Yntema has focused on environmental concerns. In 2017 she presented the lecture "The Politics Behind the Bees" at the International Encaustic Conference, and in 2019, continued with the lecture: "The Environmental Politics of Wax and the Future of Encaustic." In her work, human presence remains minimised. For Yntema, nature's beauty is inherent in beeswax as encaustic reveals a subtlety rarely found in artificially manufactured materials.
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Janise Yntema
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