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Farzin Dehghan
MA, United States of America
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New England Conservatory - Berklee College of Music
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The artist-teacher-scholar framework guides my artistic path in music and life. The natural experience of teaching and learning lies at the core of artistic endeavors I embark on. As a kamancheh player traditionally trained in traditional Persian music, I have expanded my musical knowledge by studying the broader music of the middle east (Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish), as well the instruments such as Daf, Oud, Setar, and Chanting.
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Christine Matovich
Christine Matovich
International School of Stuttgart
Farzin was really patient with the students and took time to teach them the difference between D major and D minor. Great learning for 3rd and 4th graders!
Christine Matovich
Christine Matovich
International School of Stuttgart
Farzin was excellent with the students! Very patient in showing them a new scale that allowed for improvisation together. It was great to see two musical cultures connect!
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Artist Profession and Specialisations
World Music
Instrumentalist, Middle East, Kamancheh (Persian string instrument), Ud/ oud (Arabic and Islamic lute)
Music Improvisation
Recording Artist
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A private lesson with the artist to learn the technique of a craft. Suggested class size: 1 to 2 students.
30 minutes | $50
60 minutes | $90
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An opportunity for a group of students to work with the artist. Sessions can be booked in a continuous block of time or can be separated into shorter time blocks that add up to the chosen length. Suggested class size: up to 20 students in a physical classroom with a smartboard or up to 8 students fully online.
3 hours | $300
5 hours | $500
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An intensive session between the artist and a small group of advanced students or emerging professionals. The goal of a master class is to work learners through the technique, presentation, or analysis of a craft, and engage deeply in the mastery of an art form. A master class is 3 hours: a 2-hour master class with a 1-hour follow-up within 1 to 2 weeks of the masterclass to see how the participant(s) applied the guidance and feedback. Suggested class size: up to 8 students.
3 hours | $800
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