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Ash Pearl
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Or, United States of America
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Acrylic, Color Mixing
circle3 Years Experience
Profession and Specializations
Specialisation: Acrylic, Color Mixing
Artist Statement
Color is my passion. My pieces always start with the colors, their shade and hue, how they contrast or compliment, and how they read as a value. Then I decide on the shapes. And last comes the line. My work comes together with the passion in color, the substance in shape, and movement through line. I rarely have a specific image in mind, and let the piece come together naturally. My work sometimes resembles the frenetic energy of abstract expressionism, or the careful precision of minimalism. I intend my paintings to be interpreted by the viewer, like finding shapes in the clouds. Is that a dog? A Dragon? Or the shape of your happiness and joy? I am happy to let my pieces be themselves, however that may look to others.
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Ash Pearl
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