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World Children's Choir Virtual Video Project - Introduction Session
Sondra Harnes - World Children's Choir Virtual Video Project  - Introduction Session
Interested in singing in one of World Children's Choir global video projects? In this session you will learn some new vocal warm-ups, how to pronounce the Ukrainian words for our current project, and the notes for your part. This session can be customized for individuals and groups. Just let me know what your goals are. For "Prayer for Ukraine" lessons - proceeds are donated to Voices of Children Foundation in Ukraine. This organization provides art therapy for Ukrainian children. Prayer for Ukraine Introduction/Invitation Video: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/99110 Artistic resources (free) include the following: • Videos of a first generation Ukrainian American woman and her sons speaking the words one at a time. There are two, because there are a few different words and notes in the SATB compared to the SA version. • Instructions, translations, and other important information • Pdfs of both SA (for children and teens) and SATB (for adults, teens and children) arrangements in Cyrillic and with transliterations. These arrangements were provided by the conductor of a Ukrainian choir in Canada. • Practice videos on EVC for all parts saying a few words at a time, then singing them. • A recording station for each part with a guide track on EVC. Download all the artistic resources from my personal Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1K2GTu9_fGTRqScqf0tAOBbb3fjfyvfjs Links to EVC Practice and Recording Videos Children + Teen Sopranos, Second Sopranos, Altos FREE Videos to practice with for SA Version Practice the Pronunciation with Olga and her sons - spoken one word at a time: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97267 Learn to sing the notes with Ms. Harnes: Soprano 1:https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97268 Soprano 2: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97282 Alto: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97370 Record videos for SA here: Soprano 1: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98107 Soprano 2: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98108 Alto: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98109 __________________________________________ Adults, Teens, Children Free Videos to practice with for SATB: Practice the Pronunciation with Olga and her sons - spoken one word at a time: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97378 Learn to sing the notes with Ms. Harnes: Soprano: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97582 Alto: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97585 Tenor: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97764 Bass: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/97765 Record videos for SATB here: Soprano: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98111 Alto: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98112 Tenor 1: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98114 Tenor 2: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98116 Bass 1: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98117 Bass 2: https://easyvirtualchoir.com/song/98118
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60 minutes x 1 Lesson - Private Lesson (1-2 learners)
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